First Families

The First Families group is made up of children, youth, and adults.  It was formed to better meet the needs of the families within our community who are stretched thin with school, extra-curriculars, work, and other commitments.  We offer classes after our 9am Traditional Worship at the Downtown Campus.  The classes are from 10am until 11am during the school calendar. 

  • Babies through Preschool - these children play in a large room with crafts, story-time, and a snack.
  • Lower Elementary - these children are those in kindergarten through 2nd grade.  They have a lesson and usually a special craft project they work on to send out into the community - like bird feeders to the nursing home, or cards for those who attend our Community Kitchen & Closet on Wednesday afternoons.
  • Upper Elementary - these children are those in 3rd through 6th grade.  They have more in-depth discussions, a lesson, and special craft for the community as well.
  • Youth Group - these students are those 7th through 12th grade.  They meet together and cover varying lessons and topics relatable to their age.  The youth group also is a part of the Youth Co-op Ministry that is a coalition of other United Methodist churches in the Warsaw area.  The group meets around once a month for pizza night, game night, band and worship, etc.
  • Parents - the adults also get a class for themselves!  This is a time where we bond together over the same or different stages and seasons of our lives and the lives of our families.  We provide opportunities for fellowship and discussions that hopefully leave you feeling recharged for your upcoming week.  Topics include parenting, marriage/relationships, church, our futures, etc.  We try to host events that are all-inclusive for our families to get to know each other and grow together with the principles of Christianity being our foundation.  We can do life together!
  • We are looking forward to adding a “grandparents’ class” in the near future.  Be on the lookout for additional details.