Church Wide Retreat

Church-Wide Retreat

Raking Leaves

YG Leaf Raking

Vacation Bible School

Feed My Starting Children

Ryan's Case group

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Ryan's Case for Smiles

Preschool Sunday School

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Children's choir

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Removing old carpet

Get Involved!

Here at Warsaw FUMC, there are many ways to become involved.  Our mission is "Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."  To do this, we must be the hands and feet of Christ, working in, with, and through our Community to spread his love and Good Word to all.

  • Music
    • Choir (Brian, PH: 574-551-8973) 7pm Wednesdays in Sanctuary
    • Ginn Handbells (Brian, PH: 574-551-8973) 6pm Wednesdays in Sanctuary, 3rd floor
    • Praise Team (Brian, PH: 574-551-8973) 7pm Thursdays @ 1692 W. Lake St.
    • Children's Choir (Katie, PH:  574-551-8876) 10am Sundays Chapel
  • Traditional Service
    • Audio (Brian, PH: 574-551-8973) 8:30am Sundays
    • Video Recording (Dan, PH: 574-453-8329)
    • Liturgist (Brian, PH: 574-551-8973) 9am Sundays
    • Usher (Lori, PH: 574-253-1768) 8:15am Sundays or 10:30am Sundays
    • Greeters (Brian, PH: 574-551-8973) 8:15am Sundays
    • Childcare/Nursery (Mandy, PH: 317-727-6413) 8:45am Sundays
    • Acolyte open to kids 3rd-6th grade (Mandy, PH: 317-727-6413) 8:50am Sundays
  • Between Services
    • Childcare/Nursery (Mandy, PH: 317-727-6413) 10am for those attending parent group
    • Elementary Teacher (Katie, PH: 574-551-8876)
    • Middle/High School Teacher (Courtney, PH: 574-453-6911)
    • Preschool Class (Katie, PH: 574-551-8876) 10am Rm: 201
    • Elementary K-3rd Class (Katie, PH: 574-551-8876) 10am Rm: 203
    • Elementary 4th -6th Class (Katie, PH: 574-551-8876) 10am Rm: 202
    • Youth Group (Courtney, PH: 574-453-6911) 10am Upstairs Rm: 303
    • First Families Adults Class (Mandy, PH: 317-727-6413) 10am Upstairs Rm: 302
    • Fidelity Adult Sunday School (Maureen, PH: 574-306-2034) 10:10am Lower Level Rm: LL2
    • Small Group (Bill, PH: 260-908-1125) 10:10am @ 1692 W. Lake St.
  • Contemporary Service
    • Video (Brenda, PH: 574-276-6581) 10:30am Sundays
    • Sound (David, PH: 574-267-6571) 10:30am Sundays
    • Banners/Décor (Pam, PH: 574-527-1423), as needed
  • Weekly
    • Prayer Group (Rich and Sue, PH: 574-267-3787) Tuesdays 5pm-6pm
    • Small Group (Rich and Sue, PH: 574-267-3787) Tuesdays 6pm-7pm
    • Soup Kitchen (Luke, PH: 574-376-0376) Kitchen on Wednesdays from 11am-1pm (closed on First Wednesday of the Month)
    • Community Closet (Krystal, PH 574-371-6753) Downstairs on Wednesdays from 11am-1pm
    • Small Group (Jan, PH: 574-858-9548) Wednesdays 1:30pm
    • Men’s Bible Study (John, PH: 574-527-6791) Thursday Mornings 7:30am
    • Pastor’s Men’s Bible Study (Contact Church Office: 574-267-6933) Thursdays 8am via Zoom
    • Pastor’s Bible Study (Contact Church Office: 574-267-6933) Thursdays 7pm via Zoom
  • Monthly
    • Women’s Bible Study (Kathee, PH: 574-527-5402) 2nd & 4th Mondays at 9:30am in Parlor
    • Chicks w/ Sticks-Knitting or Crocheting (Kathee, PH: 574-527-5402 2nd and 4th Tuesdays 1pm-3pm)
    • Ryan’s Case for Smiles-Sewing Group (Shannon, PH: 574-453-1163) 2nd Mondays 12pm-4pm
    • Dinner Out Small Group (David PH: 260-444-7876), varies
  • Seasonal
    • Small Group In-Person or Zoom Wednesdays 1:30pm in Parlor
    • Small Group via Zoom (Diane, PH: 574-265-8216) Tuesdays at 6:30pm, varies
    • Parent night out every other month for men and women (Mandy 317-727-6413)
  • As Needed
    • Stephen Ministry (Contact Church Office: 574-267-6933)
    • History/Archives (Janet, PH: 574-269-5274)
    • Event/Fellowship Planner (Shannon, PH: 260-229-4782)
    • Care Network/Communion Visitation (Jackie, PH: 574-267-3881)
    • Funeral Dinners (Vivian, PH: 574-376-5244)
    • VBS (Katie, PH: 574-551-8876)
    • Cub/Boy Scouts (Emily, PH: 812-229-6095)
    • Communications (Mandy, PH: 317-727-6413)
    • Advertising/Marketing (Mandy, PH: 317-727-6413)
    • Banners/Decorations (Kathie, PH: 260-568-0977)
  • Elected Positions
    • Staff Parish
    • Administrative Counsel
    • Trustees
    • Operations Team
    • Visioning Team

If you have any questions, please email Cheryl at and she can answer any questions and point you in the right direction!

If you aren't sure where you could be involved, try taking the Spiritual Gifts Test and see where you are strongest.  We want everyone to enjoy getting involved and to utilize the special and unique gifts God has given each one of us!